Alexander The Great

I have just finished reading a book about the life and times of Alexander The Great (“” by Robin Lane Fox. Published by Penguin Book. ISBN 0-141-02076-8).

I have recently read a number of different books about Alexander but this one, in particular, kept me going throughout. It was interesting and factual without being condescending. 

This book doesn’t try to paint Alexander as either Great or the Devil but as truly a man who set out to exert some degree of revenge but ended up having travelled from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean and was, arguably, the first true explorer.

This man not only trod the path of being an explorer but was a conqueror who took with him thousands of followers who also fought battles, disease, distance, hunger, thirst and the geography to travel the miles with him.

Alexander may or may not have been ‘The Great’ but he was truly remarkable. I am glad to have found and read this book.

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