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Bang to Rights! Hazel Blears caught like a rabbit in the headlights.

The Daily Politics Show is one of those ‘must see’ television shows if one is interested in all things political within the United Kingdom.

This past week Andrew has been in Manchester covering the Labour Party 2010 Conference. During the course of a mostly flat week I thought the only interesting topic was the ascendancy of “Red Ed” Miliband to become Leader of the Labour Party due to a massive surge in votes evidently designed to ‘stop’ his brother David Miliband. David was probably rightfully considered the heir-apparent for “New Labour” and previously thought certain for enthronement as Labour leaderbefore the intervention of the biggest Trade Unions and their gangmasters.

“Red Ed” won by a mere 1% more votes than his older brother and the outcome played out all week with, eventually, the older brother declining the opportunity to serve under his kid brother. In my view this was a tradgedy for Labour but excellent news for the other main stream parties in Westminster.

The whole saga did not show Labour in very good light but, nevertheless, just as we were all thinking how dull and boring the whole assmbly of virtuous, self-rightous but ignorant socialists was, the Daily Politics Show gave us an interesting view of the lies and deceit that Labour Elites will stoop to to so as to avoid discredit, dishonour or ignominy … unfortunately as this video shows – Hazel Blears is guilty of possessing all three  poor characteristics in abundance …