Tom Bradby, afraid of comments?

Is Tom Bradby afraid of comments? He has written an article at declaring his perception that the Internet-driven pursuit of William Hague seems like homophobia: Regretably, Bradby has closed comments against the article stating his view publicly but not allowing direct reply.

Tom Bradby, like many people who jumped into the debate regarding Hague’s sexuality, misses the point entirely. It’s not homophobia; it is the point that a Secretary of State, regardless of ability, political persuasion or sexual preference was employing a personal friend on 30k paid out of general taxation when that friend has no experience and thus unsuitable for being a Special Advisor – the Role in which the friend was employed … unless being a pal, sharing rooms, driving the boss and being an all-round good egg is now the requirements for being a SPaD?

The real issue is that William Hague has exposed himself to ridicule and criticism and his lack of prudence reveals that Hague is naive at best and stupid at worst … not the attributes expected of Hague and certainly not the attributes expected of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom.

Branding critics as homophobic merely shows that political commentators are almost too quick to defend homosexuality but less quick to see that good, decent and prudent behaviour of our politician is not only important but essential.

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