Burning the Koran on 11 September. Do it, make my day!

Pastor Terry Jones of 50-member Florida church, the Dove World Outreach Center, apparently intends to go ahead and burn a copy of The Koran on 11 September as an act of significance for the atrocity of the suicidal destruction of the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11 by Muslim Jihad Terrorists.

He has the US President Obama saying, “Please don’t.”  He has Hilary Clinton saying, “Please don’t.”  He has General Petraeus (obviously a pet General of President Obama) saying, “Please don’t.” He has many, many people saying, “Please don’t.”

I say, “Please do. Make my day!”

Who really cares if 50 people and a nutty Pastor in Florida burn a copy of The Koran … or The Bible … what difference does it really make.It really is no worse than when people, all over the world, burn replica USA Flags – an offence in the USA itself – to spite the USA. Do Americans go apeshit?  Nope – life simply goes on.

If  Muslims are offended by a copy of The Koran being burnt then so what.

The Koran is only a book and one that espouses the degradation of women, the killing of infidels and the destruction of any people or civilisations that do not follow Islam and the teachings of the Koran. Burning a copy of The Koran is a going to make the news and make me smile at the stupidity of people who base their lives around symbols of historic or religious fervour.

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