TUC: Coalition cuts to hit the poor hardest. How do they know what the cuts are?

“TUC: Coalition cuts to hit the poor hardest” as reported by the BBC – again continuing their narrative of Spending Cuts and spreading alarm, despondency and guilt vide http://bbc.in/cgx5yd. Are the TUC and BBC Soothsayers? How do they know what the “Cuts” in government spending are actually going to be?

The Coalition Government has budgeted for a real increase in government spending of 15% over the expected lifetime of the current Parliament. The Autumn Spending Round is being finalised but not yet announced so the scale of any reduction in government spending is not yet known.

Local Authorities are trimming back and making savings NOW but these are the budgeted reductions based on legacy cost reductions announced by the outgoing Labour Government of Gordon Brown with a relatively smaller increase in cuts brought forward by George Osborne as Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Coalition.

Given the scale of the enormous borrowings of the UK even the Labour Party were needing to make cost cuts in government spending they were simply being disingenuous because they chose to defer the so-called “Cuts” until they (as they hoped beyond hope) were voted back to power in 2010.

Thank Heavens Labour were usurped from Office as they would have us all believe that the “Cuts” are no longer necessary … the lying, deceitful bastards! The TUC and the BBC are just as bad as they cannot face up to the fact that the UK is in debt to the tune of £900bn and the costs of borrowing will increase the debt faster than the UK can grow its economy.

Both the BBC and TUC will show us all bleeding stumps, tell us sob stories and make our hearts melt with horror stories of how the so-called “Cuts” will hurt this group or that group but we, as a Nation, have got to buckle down to the fact that we cannot carry on subsidising the easy life on borrowed funding – however deserving the cause.

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