Crisis? What Crisis? #pcs #union (Bearz perspective)

I have read an interesting Blog article by Parlez~me~’n~Tory at This is my personal view.

I’ll defend the right of the Unions to defend their membership’s interests but the problem is that the membership’s interests are to keep their jobs, maintain their lifestyles and have cast-iron guaranteed pensions that are unaffordable aspirations in this modern-day and age as it is the Private Sector Tax-payers (both workers and firms) who actually fund these aspirations. Public Sector tax revenues are recycled Private Sector tax revenue and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

The reality is that the United Kingdom has created a society that ‘entitles’ people and has led them to believe that the World owes them a living to which they are entitled regardless of where the money comes from to pay for that entitlement. The reality is that the United Kingdom has shrunk enterprise, ingenuity and the Private Sector (which is the part of an Economy that actually MAKES money) to the point where we are now almost wholly in thrall to the one part of the Private Sector of the British Economy which still thrives – Banking.

Now that the bankers have stopped lending and cut the nation loose from the teat of ever-increasing debt, everyone (and this does mean the Unions, the Workers and the Bosses) have to realise that money does not grow on trees any longer.

The Public Sector is needed as we do need Police, Fire Fighters, the NHS nurses and doctors, the Army, Navy and Air Force but what we don’t need is paper pushers, diversity consultants, spin doctors, and other useless mouths to be fed at the cost of decent hard-working people who work jolly hard in the Private Sector of the British Economy.

Times are tough but we cannot, as a nation, simply create jobs in the Public Sector just to maintain people in employment as that is unaffordable, it is ridiculous to pay people to do nothing but turn up and pretend to be productive and we need to employ people in doing jobs that make money not squander it.

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