The wasted years of “Labour’s War on the Motorist” are being reversed

A 3.5 mile-long lane on a section of the M4, introduced in 1999 by ex-Transport Secretary John Prescott, will be suspended from December 24 until the London 2012 Olympics.

The lane will be re-opened for the duration of the London Olympics as a means of supporting access to the Games and facilitating movement around the Capital City.

Philip Hammond, the Coalition government’s Transport Secretary, will confirm the planned suspension of the lane and scrap the lane permanently after the Games this coming Monday.

The M4 Bus Lane is known as the “Blair lane” after the former prime minister used it to avoid heavy traffic much to the annoyance of other traffic users who obeyed the road traffic laws in place and did not cheat.

Doing away with the bus lane will increase road space and encourage more traffic on to the M4. which has been welcomed by the motoring groups  but has caused environmentalists to criticise the decision … I say screw them, who cares what they think!

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