The Social Engineering of Education under Labour. They Failed Our Children!

In 13 years Labour have systematically dumbed down the educational standards of school pupils through to University undergraduates.

Teaching to examination, increased reliance on testing of coursework being marked by peer-to-pupil teachers with a self-interest in maintaining results and the dumbing down of the question papers where pupils receive marks for use of English and correct spelling have slowly but surely defeated the purpose of the examination intended to test acquired knowledge and reasoning by the application of that knowledge.

Just this week we see the reinstatement of a Teacher who dared to go against her ‘profession’ and exampled her experiences as a teacher of secondary education in the London metropolis. She describes how the pupils are more than happy to look at recent examination papers and work thought the questions put but shrink away form any GCSE Papers older than 10years as, in their words, the questions are too tough.

We see the results of this dumbing down with the illiterate lager-louts who patrol the sinkhole Estates and when out on the Town of a Friday or Saturday think nothing of behaving other than in a way to demonstrate their kinship with the monkey world (not that monkeys would actually want to have anything to do with these despicable retards!).

Other examples of this dumbing down by our educators is seen with Universities moving away for the A-level Examinations and GCSE results to requiring other means of testing of capacity to think by moving preference to potential undergraduates who have attained success with internationally recognised examinations – in other words the universities no longer trust the results of so many A-level students being exemplary thinkers so much as robots ‘farmed through the UK school system’.

We do our children a disservice if we dumb them down. They need to be able to think and behave as reasonable adults.

If we bring them up to expect that life owes them a living then that is exactly how they will learn to perceive the World – it will no longer be their oyster, it will become their prison.

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