Will the Alternative Vote make a difference to Democracy in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom has a national and central political system that is Parliamentary Representative Democracy but, so long as we elect people to office who can then blithely ignore their electorate until the next time they need their electorates’ vote, we will never have true democracy where the majority vote determines the future of the nation state.

Under the present system within the UK, approximately 2/3 of the electorate are not truly represented by the party in government and the Coalition is the nearest we have come to seeing a government that is populated by MPs elected by the majority of votes cast. The problem with that accommodation is that the manifesto promises from both Liberal Democrats AND the Conservatives were immediately adulterated to meet co-operative coalition government so that partisan electoral votes are now not satisfied either.

This is exampled by the almost deafening silence of MPs in Westminster who never speak up against the EU even though, by all measures taken since the mid-1980s, the majority of the UK Electorate, be they red, blue, orange or of any other hue, are keen for a referendum on continued membership of the EU to occur but the elected representatives ignore those views once elected to national Parliament. The simple fact is that in 1975 a national referendum was taken where a 67% of votes cast committed the UK to staying in the EC (the then so-called “Common Market”) and, since that date, no majority has been asked to consent to the change of that organisation to the European Community (EEC) nor the current successor European Union (EU).

In the simplest of terms, no one in the UK under the age of 54 and having attained voting age, has ever voted to have the UK be a part of the European Union or, for that matter, for the UK to leave the EU.

At the moment we are ALL mugged over by our parliamentary politicians who, once elected, do their own thing regardless and despite the wishes of the majority of their electorate … that is NOT democracy in action and, given the educational backgrounds and oxbridge degrees of all our leading Parliamentarians and the individual wealth of the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members, one can safely say we live in a plutocracy not a democracy in the United Kingdom.

Whether the UK votes to replace the current First Past the Post (FPTP) with Alternative Vote (AV+) or keeping the current FPTP electoral system will NOT change the lack of democracy that currently prevails within the UK parliamentary representative system I abhor.

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