The British Have Become Supine In The Face Of Tyranny!

In days gone-by the British were very much libertarians and willing to fight tyranny and preserve their freedom.

Many of the colonialist rebels of the American War of Independence were formerly patriotic British but they rebelled against what they perceived to be tyranny.

Many years later the British again stood firm and, with their Commonwealth brethren, fought alone from 1940 to 1941 before alliance with both Russia and (eventually) America could defeat NAZI Germany – they did so not to surrender and did not to give in to tyranny.

In the modern age unfettered capitalism is slowly drawing to the conclusion of its destiny which is to concentrate power and riches in the hands of an exclusive elite.

Alas, I think the modern British would not understand if they were in the grip of tyranny as it holds them in a silken gloved hand called welfare provision and big, centralised government that dictates what every British citizen must or must not do from birth to death and instructs them how to lead their lives from smoking, drinking and relationships to how they spend their money or not. And all done with the premise that the ‘good citizen’ shall pay for the privilege of being ruled in this way by paying a levy called taxes which the elite can then spend as they wish despite and regardless of the wishes of the citizens – paying for fighting wars the citizen has not supported, paying welfare for people who do not deserve welfare or contributing moneys to supposedly poor countries like India and China which have self-sufficient wealth to produce nuclear weapons – the most expensive ‘defence’ initiative in the modern world.

At least the French have the cojones to stand up and fight what they see as Big Government being (or prevent it from becoming) tyrannical.  Meanwhile, I am sure the majority of the British are too supine to fight tyranny these days!

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