Welfare Benefits including Housing Benefit should prevent destitution …

This montage examples some case of people living on welfare benefits and receiving housing benefit where the household income can be as high as £170,000 per year. That would equate to an income of someone paying  Higher Rate Tax and receiving a salary of over £300,000 Gross, i.e. salary before tax and deductions.

Is this fair when the average UK wage/salary is a mere £26,000 by comparison and which the recipient has to pay tax, national insurance and afford rent/mortgage and other living expenses?

The reason that these people are in receipt of such reward is that they are unemployed and have large families. The British tax-payer funds this benefit income.

Is this fair when anyone with an income over £16,000 such as the recipient of injury award or occupation income or redundancy is not entitled to recieve such largesse?

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