Comments Policy

Bearz Cave encourages the free expression of ideas. However, in order to encourage constructive discussion and debate, I do feel it necessary to establish some ground rules for comments on this website:

  • Please stay on topic. If you have suggestions, or comments not related to the post, please use the Contact Form to contact me direct.
  • Do not use the comments to post articles or reproduce this or other Blog posts. You may link to such information elsewhere, if it is relevant, but please use your own words to explain the relevance to the current discussion.
  • No abusive language will be tolerated. Please try to be constructive if you are critical.
  • Comments are restricted to 1000 characters. However, if you feel you have more to say then push on past the limit and Bearz will approve or disapprove the excess, His decision is final.
  • All SPAM will be automatically obliterated, incinerated and otherwise destroyed – SPAM is an exercise in futility on this website!

NOTE: I tend to be especially strict on comments being posted to articles more than few days old or held in The Bearz Cave archives. Unless comments substantively add to the discussion they will be blocked. However, if you have something of real importance and feel it worthwhile, please do contact me directly via the Contact Form.

Finally, most importantly perhaps, I reserve the right to edit or delete comments that fail to abide by The Bearz Cave Comments Policy, or which otherwise seem counter to the aim of fostering dialogue, discussion and/or debate.

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