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We are drowning in new criminal law introduced by #Labour

Between 1988 and 1996, the various UK Governments under the control of the Conservative Party introduced legislation that created new or updated existing  Criminal Law offences to the total increase of 494 offences.

When the Labour Party led by Tony Blair came into office I am sure that everyone thought that the Labour Party stood for freedom of the people and had high hopes that Labour would bring a fresh perspective on government of the people, for the people and, with minority share of the popular vote,  that the British would be or become more free under the – supposedly – ‘political party of the people’.  How wrong we all were and how deluded we became!

During the period 1997 to 2006, during the 9 years of Tony Blair’s Prime Ministerial leadership, the Labour Government of the United Kingdom introduced 50 Statute Laws and created a massive 3000 criminal offences. Alas, it does not end there! From 2006 until 2010, the Labour Government, under Gordon Brown, created a further 1300 new criminal offences between 2006 and 2010 … that is a staggering 4300 more criminal offences for the whole of the Labour Party period in Office.

We are all the less free citizens in a supposedly modern member nation of the Western Civilisation because of the Labour Party. They obfuscate and lie to conceal the fact that they are draconian and are the political party that believes that government of the people shall be despite the people and not for the people and will remove all of our freedoms to achieve those ends if it suits them.

Woe betide us all if the Labour Party are ever returned to government of the United Kingdom for we shall all become prisoners of the State if we are not already.